Grandson Taking 89-Year-Old Grandmother To All National Parks In America

Grandson Grandmother National Park adventure is a journey to bond, heal, old family wounds and see America Brad and Joy Ryan are on a National Park mission. The grandson and grandmother pair want to see all 61 National Parks in America. So far, they’ve made it to 29 including Yosemite, Badlands, Smokey Mountains, and the Dry Tortugas. View this post on Instagram US National Park #6: @mountrainiernps. When I think back on our visit to Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park,

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New Parents Surprise Family With Adopted Daughter

Talk about the ultimate baby announcement! Banks and Lacey Farris rolled video as they introduced their newborn adopted daughter to friends and family. Lacey tells People Magazine that they had been through a long infertility journey and had one adoption fall through. Once the adoption for baby Finley was in motion, they decided they would keep the news to themselves until they actually had their baby girl in their arms. Once she was, they went on tour, capturing the magic

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90-Year-Old Says No To Chemo, Yes To Ultimate Road Trip

90-year-old Norma is becoming an internet sensation. Not too long ago she received a serious cancer diagnosis from her doctor. The news came just after her husband was admitted to hospice. In the usual way of medical treatments, the doctor told her about her options which included chemo, surgery and radiation. Norma had some news for the doctor–she was skipping all that and prescribing herself a life-affirming road trip! She has since been on the road with her son, daughter-in-law

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