Book A Llama Or Goat For Your Next Zoom Call And Help Save A Farm

$100 buys you bragging rights for the best Zoom or conference call yet A llama or goat is waiting to improve your next Zoom call! A small sanctuary farm in Half Moon Bay, California has come up with a genius way to bring some smiles to our shut-in lives and help raise some much needed funds at the same time. Sweet Farm says for a small donation they will arrange for one of their animals to join your next Zoom

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National Aquarium Moving Its Dolphins To Ocean Sanctuary By 2020

Dolphins at the National Aquarium in Baltimore have reason to smile today. The Aquarium is announcing plans to move its eight bottleneck dolphins its performing pool in Baltimore to nation’s first oceanside sanctuary in Florida or the Caribbean by 2020. The Baltimore Sun reports this is also a huge victory for animal activists who have protested for years that it is cruel to keep such large, intelligent creatures cooped up in such a small space. Aquarium officials envision a first-of-its-kind protected, seaside

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