Animal Lovers Zoom To ‘Foster Drive Thru’ At Overcrowded County Animal Shelter

Foster drive thru is overwhelming response for animal shelter in crisis mode Foster drive-thru is the brilliant idea born out of desperate times for one animal shelter in California. Kern County Animal services found itself facing what a lot of rescue organizations are dealing with during the nation’s coronavirus emergency–Folks are dropping off animals while fewer people are coming into adopt. They needed foster families for as many dogs and cats as possible. But how are you going to do

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North Dakota Brewery Puts Shelter Dogs On Beer Cans To Help Find Them Forever Homes

Fargo Brewing Company is putting the adorable faces of some awesome shelter dogs on their beer cans to help these pups find forever homes. The first run features six dogs from a local shelter. This is just the first run. Aaron Hill told NBC News’ Kevin Tibbles that Fargo Brewing Company hopes to do another run in a few months. And if like this post about shelter dogs, you might be like my latest book,

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High School Cross Country Team Trains With Shelter Dogs

Talk about the best idea for a high school cross country workout ever! Students from St. Joseph’s High School in Santa Maria, CA took shelter dogs out for their morning run. The idea is the brainchild of Coach Luis Escobar. Coach Escobar explained on Facebook, “Each team member was assigned a dog and we went out for a couple miles around the shelter. I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun…the dogs or the kids.”

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