Dr. Fauci Swears The Tooth Fairy Is Safe And Can Still Come During Lockdown

Dr. Fauci assures little girl the Tooth Fairy can still come during lockdown View this post on Instagram Can the tooth fairy get COVID-19? Dr. Fauci’s got answers to allllll the things your kids are askin’ about coronavirus. More new #willfromhome, link in bio A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on Apr 22, 2020 at 11:21am PDT The Tooth Fairy! Hello! With all that we’ve been focusing on during this coronavirus health crisis, why have we not made it

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Social Media Peer Pressure: I’m Gagging. The Thing I’ll Say That I Bet You’re Thinking

I’m slow. Hopelessly behind. Out of the loop. How about that for some fine negative catty self-talk? I figure it’s not catty, if it’s true. Simply reporting. I don’t have to go far to confirm and reinforce my theory.  It’s a close as my computer. My computer, where years ago I joined Facebook. Facebook, where I post pictures of my life, links that I love, stay connected with “friends,” most of whom I don’t really know. Sounds like a huge

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