Kind Bus Driver Lets Stray Dog Ride His City Bus To Keep Out Of The Cold

Kudos to a kind bus driver in Chile who shared the story of letting a stray dog board his city bus and ride along to stay out of the cold. Yes, cold. Remember it’s winter in the Southern hemisphere. Maybe this bus driver figured a dog’s just doing what a dog has to do. The Daily Mail reports the driver named, Christhian, shared the story and video on Facebook. He said the dog stepped onto his bus behind a passenger. 

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Former Stray Dog Is Now World Traveler Who Has Been To 21 Countries

Kala Kutta is a stray dog who was going to be put down. Now, she’s a beloved member of a family who takes her with them as they travel the world. Their Facebook page explains, “John and Rochelle were working in Bengaluru when they fell in love with a black street dog that live outside Rochelle’s office. ‘She was thin and so a friend and I started sharing our dinner with her. Over the next few months, I grew quite

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Runner Adopting Dog Who Followed Him Through Gobi Desert Race

Extreme runner Dion Leonard has had some incredible experiences as he’s run ultra-marathons around the world. The week-long race he recently ran through China’s Gobi Desert is one he will never forget. Leonard might’ve been keeping an eye out for competitors. Instead, he caught the eye of a little dog who decided to go along for the run through the desert. That would’ve been cute for a mile or two. This dog would not give up. She followed Leonard for

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