Sydney Opera House Lights Up To Thank Firefighters & Heroes For Fighting The Bush Fires

The sails of the Sydney Opera House light up with gratitude The building lit up with gratitude Saturday night with images of those fighting the bush fires and victims of the wildfires. Anyone who has been lucky enough to see the Vivid Festival that takes place in May knows the buildings make for a perfect screen to project images. Tonight, we are illuminating the Sydney Opera House sails to show our support for everyone affected by the Australian bushfires. We

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Stolen Chickens, Mumbles And Betty, Returned To Aussie Daycare Center

Two stolen chickens have quite the tale to tell about the journey they never planned on. Someone apparently stole Mumbles and Betty from The Botany Daycare Center in Sydney, Australia. In a strange twist, whomever took the cluckers set them loose onboard the train that runs through the city. That’s where this story starts to take an upbeat twist. 7News in Sydney tells the story using as many chicken puns as possible. Mumbles and Betty returned to the kids at

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