Grateful Mom Searching For Mystery Good Samaritan Who Helped Her Son Buy Her Christmas Present

Grateful mom just wants mystery woman to know how much kindness she inspired Grateful mom LaDonna Wattley wants the chance to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to the mystery woman who stepped up and helped her young son, Gabe Wattley, buy her a new winter coat for Christmas. Gabe has $20 to his name when he set out to shop for Mom at Target store in Indianapolis last month. I Love you, Mom! Throw Blanket by Discotish Find more &

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Stuff I Love: Sharing Discounts I Get With You

I’m trying something new this week. Advertisers to my site share a lot of discounts with me. I’m now passing them along to you.   So, take a look, if you think there are good deals, use them and share this page. Also, let me know what you think of the page by leaving a comment or dropping me a line at Happy Shopping! One of the easiest ways to save some big bucks instantly is by checking out

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Patient, Kind Target Cashier Blows Away Frustrated Customer

How many of life’s necessities have your passed by your local Target cashier? One woman got something she didn’t even know she needed this week. An instant lesson in patience and kindness. Even better, her little girl was there to see the whole thing unfold. Sarah Own Bigler shares on Facebook a situation I can totally relate to. And I bet you can, too. Her husband is home sick. She’s picked up her two little kids from school. Everyone’s tired.

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