This Statement About True Love Will Make My English Teacher Cringe

Chickens. This week it was chickens. The backdrop for the life lesson that showed up. That opportunity to be a better human. So, there is this chicken club in town. Every few months I get together with fellow crazies raising chickens in their backyards. Always, a toe dipper who shows up. Someone who is thinking about going clucky. That’s how I encountered a special woman Sunday. She came to learn about chickens. And to teach. She probably doesn’t know that

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Time To Address Festering Issues In My Long Term Relationship

Please catch my newspaper column each week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Dayton Daily News and other newspapers across Ohio.  Here’s this week’s column: Dear Valentine’s Day, Let’s face it: things have not been great between you and me. With your special day upon us, I feel no better time to discuss the issues we have had over the years. All that time I was single and you insisted on stocking every grocery store, drug store, flower shop, shopping mall and airport kiosk

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