Comedian Patton Oswalt Raises Money For Trump Supporter Who Attacked Him On Twitter

Oswalt finds common ground in man’s health crisis Comedian Patton Oswalt put down his Twitter sword for a moment to find a man who attacked him on Twitter was also a Vietnam veteran who was suffering with severe health challenges. Oswalt decided to pivot from someone with different political beliefs to a man who had the ability to help another man out. Aw, man. This dude just attacked me on Twitter and I joked back but then I looked at

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Grandson Shares Grandmother’s Delightful, Polite Google Search

Ben John didn’t know if he would be the only one who would be delighted, but when he came upon his grandmother’s Google search, he knew he had to share it. The BBC reports Ben John was at his gran’s house in Britain to do some laundry when he asked to borrow her laptop. He opened it up to see she had been searching for something on Google. May Ashworth simply wanted to a translation of a long line of

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Social Media Peer Pressure: I’m Gagging. The Thing I’ll Say That I Bet You’re Thinking

I’m slow. Hopelessly behind. Out of the loop. How about that for some fine negative catty self-talk? I figure it’s not catty, if it’s true. Simply reporting. I don’t have to go far to confirm and reinforce my theory.  It’s a close as my computer. My computer, where years ago I joined Facebook. Facebook, where I post pictures of my life, links that I love, stay connected with “friends,” most of whom I don’t really know. Sounds like a huge

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