Friends Throw Surprise Bridal Shower In Parking Lot For Woman Who Had To Cancel Her Wedding

The surprise bridal shower Sheila Brosnan walked into last week certainly was not the celebration she was planning in Ashburn, Virginia. But then, what is, these days? When Brosnan had to cancel her wedding to Terence Gavin because of the coronavirus lockdown, just about all her wedding dreams seemed to be ruined. Maybe that’s why she didn’t have a clue when Gavin casually suggested they take a Sunday drive. Instead of a car ride, she noticed a bunch of people

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Congressional Candidate Qasim Rashid Responds To Nasty Message With Life-Changing Kindness

Nasty message inspires congressional candidate Qasim Rashid to lead a flood of generosity for man who wrote it. Seeing a nasty message online is just a part of life for congressional candidate Qasim Rashid is running for office in Virginia. He happens to be a Muslim man who some folks would rather not see in office. They are not shy about expressing it.  “We do not need you(r) ilk in our nation.  Let alone in any seat of office above

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This NCAA Championship Basketball Team Has Banned Smartphones. Is It Their Secret Sauce To Victory?

How did the coach and team leaders ever pry the sacred phones of the clutches of players? Have you heard about the NCAA championship basketball team that banned smartphones? If you’re following the Final Four at all, you’ve certainly heard of the team. The Texas Tech Red Raiders. They’ll face Virginia Monday night in the finals. But this season didn’t always look like it was heading for this coveting destination. TIME Magazine reports back in February, Texas Tech was reeling

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