Why My Husband Is NOT The Man of My Dreams

I didn’t have the wedding of my dreams.      I’ve been thinking about that wedding.      It was seven years ago this week.      You might remember this, Dear Reader,        As this entire story has unfolded in the lines of this website. How we got to the waterfall wedding We got engaged after two years of dating. And decided to get married just three weeks later. There was no time to plan for a grand affair. No time to

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You Could Call This The Worst Anniversary Dinner Ever

You could’ve called it the worst anniversary dinner ever. This week, Husband and I were excited to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Yes, can you believe it? It’s already been three years since this forever-single lady found a perfectly imperfect man who wanted to spend his life with me. Getting hitched at Silver Run Falls, NC. July 2012. We had reservations at a fancy, new restaurant in town. And sure, we could’ve gone there and had the latest “farm-to-table” dishes. But

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