How Our Best-Intentioned Wedding Anniversary Plans Went Totally Squirrelly

Somehow it’s another wedding anniversary that didn’t go as planned It was supposed to be a special anniversary. For Husband and me. Lucky number 7. And yet, It was not the anniversary we planned.      Husband tried to surprise me with out-of-town plans.      No one was waiting for his last-minute search.      He pivoted to Plan B. “Let’s splurge and go to a fancy new restaurant.”      Which was also very exciting.      Until an hour later when the

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This Is The Last Place I Ever Expected To Spend My Wedding Anniversary

This is the last place I ever imagined I’d spend my wedding anniversary. On top of a mountain. In Oman. Go ahead and look on a map. I had to. We’re talking the other side of the globe. A tiny country bordered by The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Yeah, Yemen. Which my husband insisted we would only end up in if we took a wrong turn. Welcome to the latest travel creation of the man I’ve come

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The Only Wedding Present We Asked For Keeps On Giving

The box awaits. It’s not fancy by any means. A cardboard box from a craft store that my friend’s 10-year-old daughter decorated with decals and quotes about love. It is simply the best wedding gift my husband and I received. It’s one of the very few wedding presents we received. There’s that. It’s how we wanted it. We got married in our late 40’s, already had two households of stuff. Asking our friends for more stuff just seemed silly. To

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