Two Sisters Become Moms Adopting Family Of Six Siblings

Sisters do some incredible things together. Tracy and Sherrie Smith of Benbrook, Texas are taking it to a new level. They’ve become moms. Adopting. Together. Not one. Not two. How about six siblings?! Who would ever take in six young kids that officials were hoping they could keep together? These great women. That’s who. Are they crazy? They’ll be the first to tell you, absolutely. And they couldn’t be happier. They’re raising the kids they were meant to. Their kids.

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Inmates Break Out Of Cell To Save Prison Guard Having A Heart Attack

What an incredible moment to see inmates bust out of their cell to save the life of an armed guard when he suddenly falls over of an apparent heart attack. And they did it while they were shackled. The lifesaving heroics took place in a jail near Dallas, Texas. WFAA reports it happened on June 23 in a holding cell in the basement of the District Courts Building in Weatherford. At least eight prisoners were behind a locked door in a

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Comfort Dogs Arriving In Orlando To Help People Grieve

Comfort dogs are arriving in Orlando to help people grieve following the dispicible mass shooting at The Pulse nightclub over the weekend. WFAA reports the dogs are ready to be pet and lend an ear to anyone who needs one. They’ve come with their handlers from Texas, Tennessee, Ohio and six other states. In a place with so many tears, they bring the welcome gift of comfort, indeed. If you love your dog, you might like the dog-inspired pieces in

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