My MilesHusband & I Have (Re)Launched Our YouTube Channel Featuring Our Crazy Travel-Obsessed Life

Check out our new’ish YouTube Channel I’ve shared how we travel. A lot. How Husband has figured out how to turn every dollar we spend into multiple miles. So we travel the world in luxury while spending pennies. I’m excited to share the news about our new MilesHusband YouTube channel! It’s the latest edition to MilesHusband content. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’re looking to pull back the curtain on our crazy miles and travel

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Glitter-Fart Spray Device Is Genius Revenge Product From Ex-NASA Engineer Aimed At Package Thieves

Because doesn’t the world need more glitter and fewer thieves? Glitter this. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has found a new way to apply his genius–creating payback for package thieves. He explains in his new YouTube video that he was frustrated that police thought the creeps stealing packages off his front porch were too small potatoes to go after. So, he created a device to stun a thief once he or she opens a box that isn’t theirs. They get

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How The Most Unromantic Man In America Made His Wife Burst Into Tears

Don’t take my word for it. John Reilly will tell you he is “The Most Unromantic Man in America.” “I’m a chronic and habitual underachiever when it comes to birthday/Christmas/anniversary gifts for my wonderful wife,” he confessed to me in an email this week. As people do. They like to tell me stuff. Like giving a vacuum cleaner for Christmas? “Oh, I’ve done that,” John told me over the phone. It’s not that wife, Carol, didn’t make suggestions over the

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