My MilesHusband & I Have (Re)Launched Our YouTube Channel Featuring Our Crazy Travel-Obsessed Life

Check out our new’ish YouTube Channel

I’ve shared how we travel.

A lot.

How Husband has figured out how to turn every dollar we spend into multiple miles.

So we travel the world in luxury while spending pennies.

I’m excited to share the news about our new MilesHusband YouTube channel!

How I flew with MilesHusband and my husband's frequent flyer hobby on Singapore Airlines new first class suites.
Flying on our double bed in the sky from Zurich to Singapore. The tickets would’ve cost $15,00 each. MilesHusband paid $35. Yep. 35 bucks. For that, they give you the jammies!

It’s the latest edition to MilesHusband content.

You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’re looking to pull back the curtain on our crazy miles and travel obsessed life. You won’t believe some of the stuff Husband has us do to earn miles and points.

We also take you along on some of the fancy plane rides we get to take for mere pennies.

With our girls in Melbourne, Australia last August. Four of us flew Business Class for less than $200.

And, I get MilesHusband to give you some helpful tips on how you, too, can earn miles and points with the money you need to spend anyway.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

We’re open to tips, suggestions, comments, and requests of what you’d like to see.

My ask?

I would SOOOO appreciate it if you would hit that YouTube Subscribe button

If you would be so kind as to click the Like thumbs up &/or subscribe to the channel I would love you forever.

Here’s to new adventures in the new year!

New media projects and new trips!

And if you like following this quirky marriage of ours, you might like my latest book,



My MilesHusband & I Have (Re)Launched Our YouTube Channel Featuring Our Crazy Travel-Obsessed Life

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