Zoo Separates Potty-Mouthed Parrots After Encouraging Each Other To Spew Profanities

African gray parrots at Britain’s Lincolnshire Wildlife Center are in time out before they teach their naughty ways to other birds Five African gray parrots find themselves in time out this week. They are part of a flock of rescues taken in by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Center in England. Funny or not so funny? The five birds think it’s pretty funny to let the naughty words fly between each other and zoo visitors. Jess Newton tells the BBC the “blue”

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Three Rescued Platypus Released Back Into Wild After Being Saved During Australian Bushfires

These three adorable platypus have been getting some TLC at the Taronga Zoo The platypus has to be one of the cutest, oddest, quirkiest animals in the world. Mammals who lay eggs and sport a duck-shaped bill. Does it get any more fun than that? I was surprised to see during a visit to Australia last year how tiny they are. These animals are precious to Australia. So when many became endangered during the bushfires late last year, wildlife experts

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