My Bathroom Secret I Think You Just Might Understand

My husband caught me. Not in a secret, per se. But certainly something I’ve been able to keep it to myself through almost four years of marriage. “Sure does take you a long time to blow dry your hair,” he remarked the other day. “Yeah, sure does,” I agreed pointing to what I thought was my perfect alibi—the huge mop of hair on my head. “What exactly do you do in there?” he asked, raising an eyebrow of suspicion. “Brush,

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Never Enough Time When You Love Someone

A stranger took my breath away this week. What would you do if a woman you just met told you, “I’m really not a risk taker,” followed by, “I married a man who told me on our first date that he only had 18 months to live.” “How’d that work out for you?” I couldn’t help but ask. “He lived 18 more years past that first date. We were married for 15 of those,” Brenda Zimmer Gibson told me. “They

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