Popeyes Restaurant Offering ‘Emotional Support Chicken’ At Philly Airport

Restaurant is betting their emotional support chicken will bring customers comfort Talk about comfort food.  That’s what Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen is betting their “Emotional Support Chicken” offering will bring travelers at Philadelphia’s restaurant. This, of course, is a very clever market move playing off the controversy of airline passengers getting their pets certified as “emotional support animals,” so that they can travel with them in the main cabin. Hope Diaz, Popeye’s chief marketing officer says, “We know holiday travel can

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How My Naughty Dog And I Ruined What Was Left Of Facebook

Leave it to me to ruin Facebook. Granted, your high school frenemy’s unending photos of her perfect children, the Russians, and your Cousin Allen’s hysterical political posts made the first big push. I, now, have finished it off. With the help of my naughty dog. There was one wonderful, happy place left on the place that has become a social media cesspool. Was, being the key word. Not long after Husband and I adopted our crazy blue tick coonhound-beagle-dachshund mutt,

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10-Year-Old Girl Sings To Shelter Animals And Helps Them Get Adopted

Nancy Tant wanted the animals at the Humane Society to be happy 10-year-old Nancy Tant loves shelter animals. She went through training to be one of those kids who reads to animals at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, but it made her sad. Her mother, Betsy, helped her figure out a better way.  How could she make this a happier experience. The answer was as close as ukulele Nancy has been learning to play. She now spends her

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Rescued Elephants Find Paradise At Amazing Sanctuary

Elephants are saved from a life of abuse, logging and entertainment It’s not an easy life for elephants in Thailand.  Some roam free. The vast majority live horrendous lives, abused, forced to work in the logging industry. Even situations that can look harmless to tourists, like performing elephants, or ones that give rides, are miserable situations for the animals. That’s what makes the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary so special. This is a place where elephants just get to be elephants. My

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Brown Bears Tastes Freedom After Lifetime In A Cage

Tourists led the charge for Kai, the brown bear’s freedom after they witnessed his horrifying conditions in Japan Kai, the brown bear, has a new life as well, a bear. So do three of his fellow bears. It’s all thanks to some British tourists who witness his terrible living conditions while they were traveling in Japan. The Daily News reports it’s been a hard life for this beautiful creature. His mother was killed by hunters when he was just a

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Kind Bus Driver Lets Stray Dog Ride His City Bus To Keep Out Of The Cold

Kudos to a kind bus driver in Chile who shared the story of letting a stray dog board his city bus and ride along to stay out of the cold. Yes, cold. Remember it’s winter in the Southern hemisphere. Maybe this bus driver figured a dog’s just doing what a dog has to do. The Daily Mail reports the driver named, Christhian, shared the story and video on Facebook. He said the dog stepped onto his bus behind a passenger. 

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