Sure Fire Way To Find Out You’re A Terrible Person

We’re having a popularity crisis at our house. What do you expect in house filled with teens? How sweet of you to offer your sincere compassion about our kids. Actually, you can save your concern. For them. They are fine. It’s we parents who are not doing so well. In case you haven’t heard– We are terrible people. Truly. Terrible. One teen this week was not allowed to drive home by herself through a bad neighborhood at 1 am. You

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What Can You Do With Joy When There Is So Much Hurt In The World?

It was just supposed to be a short vacation. Not a chance to learn yet another life lesson. A chance to not work my brain and my heart so hard. That’s what I was thinking last week as my travel wizard husband pulled one of his miles miracles and flew us off to Costa Rica. Just us. No kids. No worries. That was the idea. At least. Until reality came crashing into paradise. “Did you hear what happened in Orlando?”

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When You Know Who Your Family Is, Even If You Look Different Than Others

You’ll forgive my cousin. She’s a little weepy today. Her Facebook feed popped up one of those anniversary photos that remind you where you were a year ago. What a photo. What a year. Amanda and her husband, Adam, were in Ethiopia. Meeting their son for the first time. In person, that is. They met him in their hearts years before. So, you might want to make this “What a three years!” Ask anyone who has adopted, Dear Reader. They’ll

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Facebook Posts-Yeah, I Said This About The Orlando Massacre

Millions have had their say about the massacre early Sunday morning at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Here are a couple of my thoughts, just in case we’re not connected on Facebook. And we can always spend more time together with my book, “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.”

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My Bathroom Secret I Think You Just Might Understand

My husband caught me. Not in a secret, per se. But certainly something I’ve been able to keep it to myself through almost four years of marriage. “Sure does take you a long time to blow dry your hair,” he remarked the other day. “Yeah, sure does,” I agreed pointing to what I thought was my perfect alibi—the huge mop of hair on my head. “What exactly do you do in there?” he asked, raising an eyebrow of suspicion. “Brush,

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Never Enough Time When You Love Someone

A stranger took my breath away this week. What would you do if a woman you just met told you, “I’m really not a risk taker,” followed by, “I married a man who told me on our first date that he only had 18 months to live.” “How’d that work out for you?” I couldn’t help but ask. “He lived 18 more years past that first date. We were married for 15 of those,” Brenda Zimmer Gibson told me. “They

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