World Traveler Gets Creative To Let Mom Know He Is Fine

Any traveler knows it’s great to see the world, but someone is home wondering if you’re okay. Often that means your mom, no matter how old you are. No matter what country you come from. Johnathan Quinonez found that out after he quit his job as an accountant in Brussels, Belgium and took off for an extended adventure. He’s 27 years-old, but his mom was still worried, especially since his first stop was Cuba and phone and internet service there

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The Gift Of Watching My Friend’s Impossible Dream Come True

I stood in the back of a bookstore this week and cried. “Something got in my eye,” I would’ve said if anyone asked. I grabbed one of the paper napkins from the table with a plate of cookies to wipe a nose drip away. Classy, I know. I don’t know why I bothered. I love those tears. What prompted them. Besides, no one was looking at me. All eyes focused on her. About 15 feet away stood a friend. A

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Dishwasher Is Made A Partner In One Of World’s Greatest Restaurants

It takes a lot of jobs to make a great restaurant work: chef, server, hostess, and yes, dishwasher. This is what they know at Noma, named one of the best restaurants in the world. Ali Sonko has worked at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, since it opened in 2003. He emigrated from the West African nation of Gambia. Noma has done so well that it is in the process of building a bigger restaurant. As the business makes the transition, Chef/Owner

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Why Ed Sheeran Says An Illegal Act Is The Secret To His Career Success

How much is there to love about Ed Sheeran? His songwriting? His sweet voice? His impish grin? Yes, yes and yes. He’s become an international superstar. There’s his talent, hardwork, his creative way of building his career. And then there is this– The illegal act that he says is the secret to his success. He opens up to CBS News’ Mark Phillips. I enjoy every second with the singer I like to call, “My Eddie,” (since I imagine he’s singing

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Koala Baby Clings To His Mother While She Has Life-Saving Surgery

Leave it to a baby koala named, “Phantom,” to be the best smile therapy you will find today. He certainly was the magic potion for his mum who had to undergo surgery at the Australia Zoo. The Courier Mail newspaper reports the mother and her 6-month-old baby were hit by a car along an Australian highway.  Baby Phantom was okay, but mother Lizzie had significant injuries including a collapsed lung. Veterinarians knew that mama would need surgery. They figured it would

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