Daryn’s New Book, “Hope Possible!” Is Here!

I’m so excited that my new book, “Hope Possible” is here! The full title is, “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing A Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.” Here’s a peek at what it says on the back cover: From your TV screen, Daryn Kagan looked like she had her dream job.   As a news anchor for CNN, she had a front row seat to the world’s biggest breaking news

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When A Dozen Eggs Doesn’t Equal 12

Leave it to a bunch of chickens to teach me a lesson. About gratitude. About what is enough. About what makes a party. Yes, I did say, “chickens.” As in the 7 crazy chickens I have living in our backyard. Got my first chickens about four years ago, the day before my first date with my now husband. That was one lucky week. Lets get right to it. Folks always want to know do we get fresh eggs? Sure do.

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Mother’s Day 2014: The Man Who Has No Business Loving Me

  He has no business loving me. The very idea of me could easily inspire a Bitter Party For One. I wouldn’t even blame him. I am not an answer to his prayers. And yet… Here we are at Mother’s Day. I’m the one being celebrated. I’m the one who gets the joy, privilege, and honor of raising his only grandchild. And yet…. The man we call, “Pops,” has experienced more loss than one person should bare: his first wife

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