Chick Fil A Serving Up Free Breakfast Following I 85 Collapse

Chick Fil A is offering free breakfast to Atlanta commuters to help ease the frustration of the nasty commute in light of the I 85 collapse.

Chick Fil A is doing its part to make Atlanta’s nightmare commute a little more palatable by offering free breakfast!

This follows the collapse of the I 85 interstate Thursday in Atlanta.

The fire that brought down a huge span of the highway will basically put Atlanta in a stranglehold for months until the road is fixed.

The famous chicken chain can’t fix the highway, but they can offer something to make the ride a little better.

Here’s the free breakfast offer they shared on Facebook.

Looks like the company is extending their smiles to public transit workers, as well. I saw one woman mention that she took MARTA instead of driving and CFA was handing out free breakfast sandwiches to folks as they got off the train.

It is indeed a mess here in Atlanta since the Thursday collapse, but this Chick Fil A free breakfast offer is just one of the many positive and kind things happening around the city.

The free breakfast offer is good through Friday, April 7, 2017.

I created a Facebook page, 85 Acts Of Kindness, where folks can share good things happening in light of the all the I 85 challenges.

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Chick Fil A Serving Up Free Breakfast Following I 85 Collapse

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