Friend’s Unfinished Business Shines Light On Never Knowing Someone’s Whole Story

Friend's unfinished business shines light on never knowing someone's whole story.

And here,

I thought I knew the whole story.

Which makes me laugh now.

You, too, probably.

I imagine from time to time, you fall into the same trap.

Casually following someone on Facebook.

They look like they have everything.

Especially, the thing you think you’re missing in your life.

In this case,

Incredible career success.

This woman, Meg, must have it all.

She’s worked for Oprah, after all!

Her career has continued to bring her amazing opportunities even after that.

“Something you might not know about me,” began an early January post.

“What could I possibly not know?” I thought. “You’ve done it all. You’ve got it all.”

“I left college a semester early to chase some amazing career opportunities,” went what sounded like a confession.

“No regrets,” she insisted.



That choice,

As often happens,

Hadn’t panned out exactly like she thought it would.

Meg thought, surely, she’d chase these career opportunities and head back to finish what she’d almost finished in a couple years.

“I had five classes left.



As things do,

As life does,

Two years, turned to ten,

Turned to twelve.

12 years of “feeling like a big incomplete.”

And, there you have it.

I thought I knew Meg’s story.

Turns out it wasn’t her whole story.

It was her hole story.

Can you relate, Dear Reader?

In mis-reading what you think is someone’s whole story?

Are you walking around with a hole story of your own?

Meg thought about hers.

For a long time.

A really long time.

She convinced herself how hard it was going to be to dig herself out.

Until late last year.

When she decided to find out.

To do the hardest part of all this.

She picked up the phone.

She called her old university.

She was sure they would laugh.

Hang up.

Tell her go pound sand.


They didn’t.

It was almost as if they were expecting her call.

“The advising team not only didn’t laugh when I called them but have put together a plan to make this all happen. Their long phone calls and sense of humor have made this all worth it, and feel doable.”

And she’s doing.

And graduating.

This semester, she’ll finish her degree.

She was able to take classes at another school and still get her degree from her old school.

The world showed her what’s possible.

She just had to ask.

For some help filling up that hole.

What I love most about her post.

She’s not boasting.

Simply sharing.

And daring.

To ask,

Meg wants to know, “What’s something you didn’t finish, or half-started, that you want to accomplish this year?”

Great question.

What is your hole story?

Is it school?

Getting out of debt?

A trip?

A relationship?

What’s kept you from finishing?

Could this be your year?

To get whole?

I’d love if you’d share the hole you’d love to fill in the comments section below.

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Friend’s Unfinished Business Shines Light On Never Knowing Someone’s Whole Story

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