Newbie Frequent Flyer Mile Collectors–You Wanna Do This First

This is Husband.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 9.07.27 PM

The Mad Miles Scientist.

He wants to set you up for success as you try to do what he does–collect millions of frequent flyer miles without flying.

He’s sitting here telling me, “Folks are so excited. They want to dive into the deep end.

Husband says,

Husband says, “Don’t do this as you gear up your miles mania.”

Sign up for a bunch of credit cards, to burn the miles you already have.  But really, to make the most of this game, you need to get focused.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.30.44 AM

So listen to Husband.

Figure out where y’all going? Who y’all going with?

Answer these questions as you dive in the deep end:

Figure out your dream destination, how many people are traveling and what is your travel time frame?

Are you traveling peak season (national/school holidays or summer vacation?

In general, peak demand travel season require the most advance planning AND

Are your dates flexible, or must you leave/return on exact date(s)?

(Husband hint hint: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday night travel often provide the most free opportunities.)

How much time between now and desired travel date?

Determine smallest acceptable party to share your flight with?

(Husband Heads Up: You’ll need some time to accumulate miles for larger party sizes. (Wife says, “Uh, yeah.”)

Can you travel to same destination and arrive on different airplanes; on same day or a day apart?

(Husband Radical Idea: If traveling with teenagers, are you comfortable with them traveling on an itinerary without being accompanied by an adult? Or maybe consider splitting up one adult with one or more minors and meet up & at final destination.)

Congratulations! Once you’ve figured out where, when and who is going, the next step is to figure out the different airlines and connecting cities that will get you to your destination.  And Husband will be along with a post that tells you to do that.

Husband also wants me to point out that the game only works if you are someone who pays off all your credit cards every month and you have a good credit score.

Still intrigued? Your eyes aren’t crossing? Then, check out more miles content at




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Newbie Frequent Flyer Mile Collectors–You Wanna Do This First

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