High School Cross Country Team Trains With Shelter Dogs

Talk about the best idea for a high school cross country workout ever! Students from St. Joseph’s High School in Santa Maria, CA took shelter dogs out for their morning run. The idea is the brainchild of Coach Luis Escobar. Coach Escobar explained on Facebook, “Each team member was assigned a dog and we went out for a couple miles around the shelter. I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun…the dogs or the kids.”

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Do Humiliating Mommy Moments Ever End?

In case you were wondering— The lady running around last weekend from one end of the metro area to the other in what can best be described as “Mom High Fashion of Shame.” Yeah, that was me. How shall I best describe my outfit? T shirt that I had slept in, so big it would still be loose on King Kong. Sweats from 1984, or thereabouts with stains and holes to match. Plastic Croc sandals. Uncombed hair half up in a clip.

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