The Treasure My Ex-Boyfriend Left Behind

She wasn’t the gift I was expecting. Not from my boyfriend. A very long ago boyfriend, I should clarify. This is a story about where we get our people. About how ugly can sometimes, Sometimes, Leave behind a treasure. There was so much wrong with this particular relationship. Red flags from the beginning. And yet, I stayed. Stayed for years. I, the columnist who writes about a healthy marriage, raising kids, normalish stuff, I’m so disappointed when I look at

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Why My Ex-Boyfriend Said I Could Tell This Formerly Wonderful Story

As break-ups go, this was one of my yuckier. The details still so clear, all these years later. We met soon after I moved to Atlanta to work for CNN. He also had just moved to the city to do a one-year surgical fellowship. I was so sure he was The One. A year into dating, he came to be sure that I wasn’t his. The big clue being his accepting a job on the other side of the country.

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