Bored Restaurant Reviewer Serves Chipmunk Daily Custom Fine Dining Meals

The chipmunk living in Angela Hansberger’s Atlanta front yard has the best seat at the table. Hansberger is a food writer by trade. An industry hard hit by the pandemic. Hansberger shares her journey of dealing with sadness and boredom in a delight piece in Bon Apetit Magazine. She writes,  “There are no more new cafés to review or omakase dinners to critique or chicken wing competitions to judge. I’ve hoarded the beans, planted the garden, and grown the scallions

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My Unexpected Journey To No Longer Owning A Car

No longer owning a car is part of a bigger life question I should start this week’s column with a confession. I didn’t tell you the whole story. It just didn’t seem that important at the time. Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you the wild story of trying save a baby squirrel? I drove an hour to get the squirrel to a wildlife rehabber who will be taking care of the little guy and eventually releasing him

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How Our Best-Intentioned Wedding Anniversary Plans Went Totally Squirrelly

Somehow it’s another wedding anniversary that didn’t go as planned It was supposed to be a special anniversary. For Husband and me. Lucky number 7. And yet, It was not the anniversary we planned.      Husband tried to surprise me with out-of-town plans.      No one was waiting for his last-minute search.      He pivoted to Plan B. “Let’s splurge and go to a fancy new restaurant.”      Which was also very exciting.      Until an hour later when the

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