Stranger Joins Widower He Meets In Check Out Line To Celebrate Late Wife’s Birthday

Gregory R. Johnson is a stranger no more. Not to a man who caught his attention Tuesday inside a Kroger supermarket in Greenwood, Indiana. The man was an older gentleman making his way through the market in one of those motorized grocery carts. His basket was filled with red roses and a birthday cake. Johnson couldn’t help himself. He said, “It looks like you’ve got a big night planned.” Johnson tells CBS News, “He glanced up at me with the

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Kind Stranger Takes Lonely Widower On Dream Vacay After Ad For New Fishing Buddy

You don’t have to go fishing far to find a story that will melt your heart like this one. It starts with Ray Johnstone, a lonely widower in Australia who placed an ad for a new fishing buddy when his old friend passed away. Sky News reports that 22-year-old Mati Batsinilas saw that ad and his heart immediately felt for Mr. Johnstone. Fishing? He wanted a buddy to go fish with? Mati decided to up that idea to the next

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