Kind Stranger Takes Lonely Widower On Dream Vacay After Ad For New Fishing Buddy

A kind stranger invites a lonely widower on a dream fishing vacation after he sees a classified ad looking for a new fishing mate.

You don’t have to go fishing far to find a story that will melt your heart like this one.

It starts with Ray Johnstone, a lonely widower in Australia who placed an ad for a new fishing buddy when his old friend passed away.

Sky News reports that 22-year-old Mati Batsinilas saw that ad and his heart immediately felt for Mr. Johnstone.

Fishing? He wanted a buddy to go fish with?

Mati decided to up that idea to the next level and invited Mr. Johnstone to join him on his buddies trip–all expenses paid.

Mati says his whole motivation was to make Ray smile.

Looks like mission accomplished.

Mati says don’t be impressed with his generous offer.

He’s the one who is coming out ahead in this deal.

He told SkyNews,

“Ray has got wisdom on me, he’s taught me not just fishing, he’s taught me some life goals.

“He’s taught me most of all to appreciate all of this. I do this all the time and I’ve lost the appreciation and value for it.

“It shouldn’t have had to take this ad on Gumtree to get a mate… there should be people out there to go fishing with any day of the week.”

Mr Batsinilas added: “We are already talking about me flying down to Adelaide where he is to organise our next trip.”

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Kind Stranger Takes Lonely Widower On Dream Vacay After Ad For New Fishing Buddy

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