The Shocking Thing I’ve Caught My Husband Doing In Bed Inspires Perfect Anniversary Gift

The shocking thing I caught my husband doing in bed inspired the perfect gift for our anniversary.

At least I have his anniversary present figured out.

That’s what I’m telling myself.

To calm down.

After discovering what I discovered my husband doing.

In bed.

Where he wasn’t alone.

He was there,


With my beloved tweezers.

Watching TV, relaxing, and removing random old man hairs.

I pause early in this column to share,

That all those years I dreamed of having a husband,

A wonderful man in my bed,

The image that came to mind,

Well, safe to say,

This wasn’t it.

Except for the part where he was so happy.

“Are those my tweezers?” I asked, trying to stay calm.

“They are,” he replied indicated zero stress over the situation as he plucked away.

I’ve come to realize and accept that we women aren’t the only ones who have random hairs pop up in random places, especially as we get older.

Eyebrows, ears, nose.

I get it.

Guys got to deal with it.

Just not with my tweezers.

This is all to ask, Dear Reader, where do you draw the line when it comes to sharing with your spouse?

I went from an entire house to myself, to sharing, it seemed like everything.

I had one little treasure that was mine.

Those pink tweezers.

Or so I thought.

“My tweezers are not for sharing,” I declared.

“That’s silly,” Husband replied. “We’re married. Everything is for sharing. What’s the problem? I’ve been using them for years?”


Could this tweezer discovery make me question everything I thought was true about my life?

I would’ve sworn when I wasn’t using them they stayed tucked away in the plastic cup in the top drawer of our bathroom.

Husband and I read a book before we got married with 276 questions.

It covered everything from finances to religion to kids to pets.

There was not one question about tweezers.

Note to the author—

You need to add this.

It’s possible, this would’ve been a deal breaker on the entire wedding.

Which, I grant you,

Would’ve been unfortunate for the immense upsides this kind and well-groomed man has brought to my life.

Ear hair,

And its removal with my tweezers is not one of them.

This all leads me up to our wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks.

And the gift.

I will be buying a brand new pair of tweezers.

No, not for Husband.

They’re for me.

He actually will not know about them.

Therein lies his present.

We both get to have and celebrate the marriage of our dreams.

He gets to think we are still sharing everything.

And I get my own little treasure.

Happy Anniversary to us.

Where do you draw the line on sharing with your partner or spouse? Please weigh in in the Comments section below.

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The Shocking Thing I’ve Caught My Husband Doing In Bed Inspires Perfect Anniversary Gift

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