Video shows the richest parents in the world

Video shows friend had the richest parents in the world

The things you learn about your friends on social media.

     I’ll give this friend the benefit of the doubt.  

I don’t think he meant to brag.

     Yet, there he was on Facebook talking about how his parents died as the richest people in the world.

     He had video evidence, as well.

     It shows his 90-something father, his mother, and other members of their family enjoying their riches.

     His brother even makes a cameo appearance, giving a prime opportunity for me to judge. “Interesting, the fashion choices people make when they have everything in the world,” I snarked to myself looking at his brother’s short early-80’s shorts.

     Friend didn’t claim that his parents were perfect. “My dad never taught me or my three brothers how to change a tire, clean a fish, set a table or memorize the state capitals.”

     Clearly, his parents were too busy focused on what was important to them for that.

     On their riches.

     Friend continued, “My parents focused on stuff that was fun and made us laugh-valuable lessons on the bumpy ride through life.”

     This is the point he cued up the old home movies. Sure enough, there was his dad and him busting their guts trying to out juggle each other.

Here is Mike Leonard’s video. Get ready to smile.

     The old clip then cuts to Friend and his brother doing a silly, juggling routine, they could have stolen right out of vaudeville act.

     Their mother looks on from the steps of the family home delighted with the goofy chaos in the front yard. You don’t see a single air of concern, “What will the neighbors think?”

JuggleFest. Just another day in the family's front yard.
JuggleFest. Just another day in the family’s front yard.

     I imagine the neighbors knew exactly who they were living next door to.  They wouldn’t be surprised to see Friend juggling with apples pausing for a second to take a big bite out of one of them.

     It is that very shot that seals the deal for me. To hear his dad let out this raucous laughter, one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard.

     That’s when I knew Friend could no longer hide the secret.

     The rest of his post explains, “My father died in 2011 at the age of 94. My mother passed away in 2019. She was 97. They left no money and had periods of heartbreak, but somehow were able to keep their spirits up.”

     He ends by saying, “This clip has no worldly significance other than it makes me smile.”

     That’s where Friend and I diverge. I find it to be among the most significant things I’ve seen in a long time.

I have to believe Friend’s parents have taken it with them, lighting up the heavens.

     They say you can’t take it with you. That’s certainly true of money and possessions. But this? This insistence on joy? I have to believe Friend’s parents have taken it with them, lighting up the heavens.

     They’ve certainly left it behind instilled in their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Some people get all the money.

Others get all the luck, like Friend, lucky enough to grow up with the richest parents in the world.

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Video shows the richest parents in the world

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