World Traveler Gets Creative To Let Mom Know He Is Fine

World traveler creates instagram feed to let his mother know he is fine as he travels the world.

Any traveler knows it’s great to see the world, but someone is home wondering if you’re okay.

Often that means your mom, no matter how old you are.

No matter what country you come from.

Johnathan Quinonez found that out after he quit his job as an accountant in Brussels, Belgium and took off for an extended adventure.

He’s 27 years-old, but his mom was still worried, especially since his first stop was Cuba and phone and internet service there isn’t the best.

How to make mom happy and have some fun?

Quinonez told the TODAY Show “It was almost impossible to connect with my mom, so I came up with the idea to take a photo at every stop because a picture speaks a thousand words.”

Now, he’s checking in from all over the world and building quite the following on Instagram!

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World Traveler Gets Creative To Let Mom Know He Is Fine

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