Cancer Survivor Therapy Dog “Moose” Awarded Honorary Veterinary Degree from Virginia Tech

“Moose” is a mental health therapy dog and cancer survivor One awesome therapy dog “Moose” is one awesome therapy dog who is getting big honors from Virginia Tech. He’s worked at Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center since 2014. Moose has been in more than 7,500 counseling sessions, making him one awesome mental health advocate. Overcoming obstacles He’s had some challenges of his own. Earlier this year, doctors diagnosed Moose with prostate cancer. He’s made it through aggressive rounds of chemotherapy

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100-year-old NC Sock Company Pivots To Make Face Super Comfortable Face Masks-Available Now!

Sock company committed to saving jobs and making comfortable face masks you can wear all day-even with a full beard! There’s this sock company in High Point, North Carolina. Harriss and Covington. They’ve been making socks since 1920. American made socks and hosiery-how awesome is that? For 100 years! Then comes along the coronavirus crisis. Like businesses across the US, they had to shut down. That meant almost 300 people out of work. Two NC companies come together Dr. BJ

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That Time U2’s Bono Wasn’t The Biggest Rock Star On The Tour

What we can learn from rock star Bono touring Africa with US Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill “Oh, and I toured Africa for two weeks with Bono.” It’s the line when talking about my 12-years at CNN that makes eyes bug out the most. Yes, it was all that. 4-countries. My first trip to Africa. Crazy access to one of the biggest rock stars in the world. And, And, That actually isn’t the whole story. Not the most important part of

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Punster’s Lawn Cow Brings Smiles During Stressful Coronavirus Lockdown

What good is a lawn cow if she’s not making neighbors smile? Full disclosure on this lawn cow. She’s not just any cow. She happens to be a friend. Well, the cow of my good friend, Tracy Field. We go back to Stanford days. Tracy and I. Not the cow. The cow showed up a few years ago as a birthday present and she’s been a regular fixture in front of Tracy’s Atlanta home ever since. Her name is Priscilla.

Read more Website Let’s You Buy Meals For Healthcare Workers On The CoronaVirus Frontlines

One family creates website to help show gratitude and save restaurants The website is a new creation born out of the coronavirus crisis. One family in Atlanta came up with a brilliant idea that is meant to give folks a way to show gratitude to healthcare workers on the front lines. And it has the added benefit of bringing much needed business to restaurants who are struggling during this time. Grey Cohen tells me her family just thought

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Woman Quarantines With Ex-Husband, Their Kids, His Wife, Her Ex-Husband & Their Kids!

Quarantine with ex-husband and the rest of this modern family seemed the best option for all during the coronavirus lockdown Denise Albert never imagined living with her ex-husband again. Crazy coronavirus quarantine times call for situations none of us could’ve ever imagined. She explains the series of events that led to this set up on Facebook and in more detail on this post on Albert shares two young sons with her ex-husband, who is remarried. Her ex’s wife has

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Surprising Our Daughter At The Airport Before She Heads To Semester Overseas

Surprising our daughter seemed like the only option when I had to be in two places at once You can subscribe to our MilesHusband YouTube Channel here This was the kind of problem with only one answer.      I’d have to be two places at once. You’ve been there, Dear Reader?      Or tried to be both “theres?”      Sunday, our oldest daughter was leaving for a semester studying overseas.      As a mother, I wanted to be here to

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My MilesHusband & I Have (Re)Launched Our YouTube Channel Featuring Our Crazy Travel-Obsessed Life

Check out our new’ish YouTube Channel I’ve shared how we travel. A lot. How Husband has figured out how to turn every dollar we spend into multiple miles. So we travel the world in luxury while spending pennies. I’m excited to share the news about our new MilesHusband YouTube channel! It’s the latest edition to MilesHusband content. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’re looking to pull back the curtain on our crazy miles and travel

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My Husband Said ‘No Dog On The Couch!’ And Then This Happened

You make the call about dog on the couch-Yes or No? I’ve started shopping for one of those DNA kits.      For my husband.      The need is rather urgent.      For it’s become rather obvious,      He is not the man I married.      You might remember THAT guy, Dear Reader. An unlikely marriage      The one who was such an animal-unlover that he seriously considered not marrying pet-crazy me.      The one who insisted we go to pre-marital

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This Great Thanksgiving Debate Is Dividing My Marriage

You need to have the final say on this Thanksgiving debate You might suggest that this is something Husband and I should’ve addressed before we got married.      You would not be wrong.      Except that, we are so far apart on this issue, it’s possible, had we discussed it, no marriage would’ve ever taken place.      Our differences should not shock us.      Look at how differently we grew up.      Different parts of the country.      Different religions.

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