You Won’t Believe Who “This Is Us” Just Cast To Play Beth’s Mother

If you love “This Is Us” You Will Love This News “This Is Us” has been one of the biggest hits for NBC over the last two years. One feature that makes the show so fun to watch week to week is the way producers continue to unfold the backstory of so many characters. If you love the show, you obviously love the characters of Beth and Randall, played by Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown. We’ve learned a

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Grateful Mom Searching For Mystery Good Samaritan Who Helped Her Son Buy Her Christmas Present

Grateful mom just wants mystery woman to know how much kindness she inspired Grateful mom LaDonna Wattley wants the chance to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to the mystery woman who stepped up and helped her young son, Gabe Wattley, buy her a new winter coat for Christmas. Gabe has $20 to his name when he set out to shop for Mom at Target store in Indianapolis last month. I Love you, Mom! Throw Blanket by Discotish Find more &

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Those Were Not The Empty Nest Tears I Was Expecting

What really went down after I dropped off our youngest at college This was not the plan.      Not the plan for the plane at all.      “How do you think you’ll do?”      This question has come from multiple directions all summer long.      All in anticipation of what mothers around the world dread.      The Empty Nest.      I could’ve placed one hand across my heart and the other on a stack of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and answered entirely truthfully.      “I’m fine. Actually,” I’d

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How Five Brothers Overwhelm Their Sister On Her Wedding Day Will Have You Bawling

Trying to make up for the absence of their late father Kaley West’s brothers knew their sister would be missing out on a huge dream as part of her wedding.  She wouldn’t be able to have the traditional father-daughter dance. Kaley and her five brothers lost their dad in 2015 to heart disease.  The brothers knew they couldn’t bring dad back, but were determined to stand in for him and create a special memory for their beloved sister. So, they

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How Your Kid’s Back To School Photo Can Earn Them A College Scholarship

That back to school photo you’re posting of your adorable kid might be worth more than the many likes you’re getting from friends and family on Facebook. It just might win your kid a $2,000 college scholarship! First National Bank of Omaha and Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg today announced the launch of the NEST 529 Back-to-School Photo Drawing. It’s a new scholarship opportunity open to families across the United States. Beginning today, NEST 529 invites families to capture and submit

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Firefighter Baby Boom Has New Dads On Permanent Call In Oklahoma

An adorable baby boom in Oklahoma has folks asking, “What is in the water down there?” Seven of the firefighters in the Glenpool Fire Department have had babies this year. Well, their wives have done the heavy lift, of course. Still, the coincidence and joy were too much to ignore. Alyssa Shanks decided this bunch need a group photo, so soon after Baby #7 popped out, (that would be Gracie Lynn) the families gathered together for some adorable group photos.

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