Artist Paints Mural Of Hope On Ruins Of Friend’s Home Destroyed In Wildfire

Mural meant to show that friend he will rise out of the ashes California artist Shane Grammer paints murals. It’s just one of the creations he makes as a graffiti artist. He happens to have a friend who is also named, Shane. Shane Edwards. Edwards lived in Paradise, California. Yeah, that Paradise. The one destroyed by wildfires in 2018. Shane Edwards showed Shane Grammer what was left of his home. It wasn’t much. Pretty much just a chunk of the

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The Holidays Are Dead To Me & Other Things That Make Me Happy

The holidays are dead to me.      Which is a big reason this is one of the best times of the year. By “dead,” I actually mean THE dead, as in those who have passed.      I love how they have a way of taking a seat at my holiday table. Something tells me they might be at yours, as well.      From the moment I pull my grandmother’s pressed glass serving pieces from the cabinet that came from great

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Political Opponents End Debate In Harmony With Beautiful Music Duet

Duet Sets The Tone During The Unsettled Times Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo do not appear to be a political duet made in heaven. And they’re not. They’re running against other for a state House seat in Lamoille County, Vermont. Lucy is a Democrat. Zac is a Republican. They have very different political views, which was quite evident during a recent debate. Interested citizens were expecting that. What they were not expecting is what Rogers and Mayo did at the

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Those Were Not The Empty Nest Tears I Was Expecting

What really went down after I dropped off our youngest at college This was not the plan.      Not the plan for the plane at all.      “How do you think you’ll do?”      This question has come from multiple directions all summer long.      All in anticipation of what mothers around the world dread.      The Empty Nest.      I could’ve placed one hand across my heart and the other on a stack of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and answered entirely truthfully.      “I’m fine. Actually,” I’d

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New College Student And Struggling Minister Become Answer To Each Other’s Prayers

Strangers To Each Other Until This Incredible Thing Happened Prayers from Minister Jerome Jones and college freshman Mykehia Curry have taken an interesting turn. Jones preaches at Springfield Baptist Church in Monticello, Georgia. He tells CBS News’ Steve Hartman that he had been struggling with this faith. Curry is the first in her family to go to college and had no idea how she was going to make it. How these two came together. How they became the answer to each

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What Do You Keep If Your Entire Life Had To Fit In Five Boxes?

Daria and Jim are a nightmare. At least to certain forces we face every day. The companies and marketers who bombard us with romance of stuff. No matter how much you have, you need more. Clothes, shoes, boats, houses, trinkets. Daria, especially, gets that. Stuff-loving hoarder. That’s how she described herself. So much stuff it led her to having one of those “How’d we get here?” moments. “We looked up and realized we had lived in the same house for

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