Musher Using Her Sled Dogs To Deliver Groceries To Seniors In Rural Maine

Musher Hannah Lucas says she and her sled dogs just want to help people during the coronavirus Musher Hannah Lucas and her 12 sled dogs have big dreams. They live in Northern Maine where this fabulous 22-year-old woman is training to be a sled dog racer in Aroostook County. They train dragging heavy bags of sand. A problem and a solution Working at the store, she saw a lot of older folks taking chances just to get a little bit

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Talented Louisville Violinist Plays Outside The Windows of A Senior Care Community During Quarantine

Violinist Matthew Lane offers his gift to seniors in lockdown One violinist has a gift to share. A talented musician played outside the windows of Louisville’s Altenheim Senior Health Care Community.  Matthew Lane, owner of Lane & Edwards Violins, traded his indoor desk for an outdoor concert last March.  Nothing is greater than the gift of music, especially during a time of crisis.  WDRB News reports residents, who are unable to leave because of the pandemic, enjoyed the personal concert

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Coors Light Delivers 12 Cases to 93-Year-Old Woman Holding ‘More Beer’ Sign From Quarantine

Coors Light answered 93-year-old Olive Veronesi’s plea for more beer during coronavirus lockdown Coors Light was more than happy to find out its beer is a prime, much-needed staple for a 93-year-old woman in Seminole, Pennsylvania. KDKA reports Olive Veronesi held up a sign reading, “I need more beer!” in one hand and a can of her favorite brand in the other. ‘I was on my last 12 cans, I have a beer every night, you know what, beer has

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Bar Owner Takes $3,714 of Dollar Bills off Her Walls To Give To Employees Facing Hard Times

Bar owner Jennifer Knox knew those dollar bills could be more than decoration Dollar bills have lined the walls and ceiling of the Sand Bar on Tybee Island, Georgia for more than 14 years. People tack up a dollar bill to mark a moment, show they were there, and give them something to comeback to. When the coronavirus lockdown forced the Sand Bar to close like so many businesses across the country, Knox saw an opportunity. ‘We had money on

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Tyler Perry Buys Groceries For Seniors And High Risk Shoppers At More Than 70 Grocery Stores

Superstar Tyler Perry picked up the tab for groceries during special senior shopping hours at Kroger and other stores Tyler Perry turned grocery angel for seniors and people who are considered at risk as they did their shopping today. Many stores are reserving the 8am hour for these shoppers. Perry arranged to pick up the tab for every shopper buying groceries at 44 Kroger stores across Atlanta Wednesday morning. He did the same at 29 Winn Dixie grocery stores in

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Friends Throw Surprise Bridal Shower In Parking Lot For Woman Who Had To Cancel Her Wedding

The surprise bridal shower Sheila Brosnan walked into last week certainly was not the celebration she was planning in Ashburn, Virginia. But then, what is, these days? When Brosnan had to cancel her wedding to Terence Gavin because of the coronavirus lockdown, just about all her wedding dreams seemed to be ruined. Maybe that’s why she didn’t have a clue when Gavin casually suggested they take a Sunday drive. Instead of a car ride, she noticed a bunch of people

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SPANX Founder Sara Blakely Is Giving $5,000 to 1,000 Female Entrepreneurs

Sara Blakely says she started SPANX with $5,000 and wants to give a boost to fellow female entrepreneurs SPANX founder Sara Blakely knows what it is to be a struggling entrepreneur. She started her billion dollar shapewear company with $5,000, carting samples around in her red backpack. Make that her LUCKY red backpack. Blakely truly believes that backpack was her lucky charm. She has long been about sharing her success and giving back. That’s now more important than ever. Blakely

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New England Patriots’ Team Plane Bringing More Than A Million N95 Masks From China

Patriots owner Robert Kraft offered up his NFL team’s plane to make the much needed run for N95 masks When it comes to the severe shortage of N95 masks, the New England Patriots are stepping up as champions. The Wall Street Journal reports The NFL team’s plane has flown to Shenzhen, China where it was loaded with 1.2 million N95 masks. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has been complaining for weeks about the shortage of personal protective gear for his state’s

Read more Website Let’s You Buy Meals For Healthcare Workers On The CoronaVirus Frontlines

One family creates website to help show gratitude and save restaurants The website is a new creation born out of the coronavirus crisis. One family in Atlanta came up with a brilliant idea that is meant to give folks a way to show gratitude to healthcare workers on the front lines. And it has the added benefit of bringing much needed business to restaurants who are struggling during this time. Grey Cohen tells me her family just thought

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