Happy “Best Match Ever” Day!

Two Sisters celebrating our 4th anniversary in the Big Brother Big Sisters program.

Two Sisters celebrating our 4th anniversary in the Big Brother Big Sisters program.

Such a special anniversary to celebrate!

Four years ago today I met a little girl who changed my life forever.

There I was having a sad, lonely, woe-is-me Sunday night. Feeling sorry for myself being alone and single.

After an appropriate amount of pity party time, I thought to myself, “You can feel sorry for yourself or do something about it.”

That’s when I remembered one of my best friends, Cyndi, giving me a “talking to” about Big Brothers Big Sisters.  “I think you’d really like doing this,” she hinted.

Talk about what turned out to be the understatement of the century.

I went online that night and filled out the application to become a “Big Sister.” In a flash, it seemed like I had gone through the interview and background check.

“We have a match for you,” the coordinator told me over the phone. “Would you like to come in and meet her?”

That’s how I came to meet 8-year-old Rodneisha in 2009. A small little girl with a big smile and a ton of ponytails.

Talk about a match made in heaven. We clicked from Day One. Together, we’ve done the small stuff like bake cookies to the big–traveled to several states across America.

I tell her all the time that she is my heart’s lucky charm. I fully believe that meeting Ro and letting her into my heart was the magic potion that opened my heart for me to meet the man who became my husband and his young daughter who has now also become my child.

I have to wait to tell Ro again how much she means to me because the girls are off at sleep away camp together this week.

When they come back, I will tell her again how she’s my heart’s lucky charm, how I love that she’s my “Little” but she’s really so much more–a full fledged member of our modern family.

We don’t get caught up in words like step, or blood relative or adoptive around here.

We are simply family and the magic of that 8 year old girl who is now a 13-year old young lady is the magic that made it happen.

I love you, Sweet Girl!




  • That’s a lovely piece about a lovely young woman. I smiled through the entire thing. Thank you!

  • Kathy Christie

    I’m so glad to see that you’ve found so much happiness in life. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hal

    July is such a special month for you, I’m happy for all of the Clan SummerFest. BTW. a couple of days early, but happy “1st” First Anniversary!

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Happy “Best Match Ever” Day!

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