How My Dog Got Me A Husband And Yours Could, Too

My dog got me a husband by taking matters into her own paws The numbers didn’t add up.      Not to this dog lover.      86%.      That’s how many people say they would break up with someone who doesn’t like their dog. This would never be me      “How ridiculous,” I thought as I looked at the research from a dog walking company called, “Wag!”  “Who would even consider dating someone who didn’t like their dog?”      That’s about

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The Spoon That Held Hope I’d One Day Find Love

(((Coming up on our third wedding anniversary is making me nostalgic for that time when impossible dreams starting coming true. Sharing this column for you, who is still hoping to find love, and the friend who believes it’s possible, even when you can’t believe any longer. From June 2012:))) It must’ve been about four years ago when I first heard about The Spoon. Some of my best lady friends and I were on a Girls’ Trip to Charleston, SC. You know

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