How My Dog Got Me A Husband And Yours Could, Too

How my dog got me a husband and yours could, too.

My dog got me a husband by taking matters into her own paws

The numbers didn’t add up.

     Not to this dog lover.


     That’s how many people say they would break up with someone who doesn’t like their dog.

This would never be me

     “How ridiculous,” I thought as I looked at the research from a dog walking company called, “Wag!”

 “Who would even consider dating someone who didn’t like their dog?”

     That’s about the moment I looked up.

     And saw him.


     It all came flooding back.

That I didn’t just date someone who didn’t like my dog.

     I married him.

He clearly was not “The One”

     The hurdle,

     The unlikeliness of this relationship going past a first date was actually so much bigger than that.

     It wasn’t that this cute guy didn’t like my dog.

     He didn’t like any dogs.

     Had never had a pet.

     In his entire life!

     This certainly wasn’t what this crazy animal lover was looking for.

     “Thank goodness there were wiser brains at work here,” I thought to myself as I remembered.

     And smiled,

     And teared up a little.

     Darla Louise.

How my dog got me a husband.
Darla Louise

Darla’s legacy lives on

     My sweet, wise, scruffy yellow Labrador mutt.

     She’s gone now,

     But she was here for some of the most important work of her life.

     Getting me married.

     Sure, human friends had introduced us.

     Nine years ago, this week, in fact.

     But it was my dog who sealed the deal.

     She knew better.

My dog got me a husband.
When your dog is smarter than you. This clearly was the case with Darla Louise, who got me a husband.

My dog knew the real question

     The question wasn’t “Would you date someone who doesn’t like your dog?”

     The question, in my case, at least, needed to be, “Would you date someone who your dog doesn’t like?”

     On that I was clear.

     Not a chance.

     On this, Darla was clear.

     She liked this guy.

     How did she know?

     How did she get past his discomfort?

     It remains a great mystery.

     Darla simply knew we both just needed some time.

     “This one’s worth it,” she must’ve decided early.

     How else to explain why this guy didn’t move onto the next date?

My dog had lessons for both of us

     Darla’s patience,

     Her way of letting this man get to know her,

     Trust her,

     Love her,

     Gave me the space and model to do this same with this guy.

     He might’ve never spent a lot of time with a dog.

     I’d never spent a lot of time with a good guy.

     We both sure had a lot to learn.

     Oh, how both our hearts stretched to learn to trust a new kind of love.

     A few years after we married, it was Husband who struggled with the hardest part of being owned by a dog.

     How do you know when it’s time to let her go?

     Darla taught us that, as well.

     We did it.


     He was the one who wrapped her up in her favorite blanket and carried her to her grave.

     I like to think she knew.

     She knew he had it in him.

     She knew he added up to one fine human.

     One fine Husband.

     Looking for the love of your life, Dear Reader?

     This I know.

     Just ask your dog.

     She’ll get it right 100% of the time.

Is it possible to post too many pictures of your dog? Not when she's the dog who got me a husband.
Is it possible to post too many pictures of your dog? Not when she’s the dog who got me a husband.

What’s the best thing your dog ever taught you? Please share in the Comments below.

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How My Dog Got Me A Husband And Yours Could, Too

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