Grateful Mom Searching For Mystery Good Samaritan Who Helped Her Son Buy Her Christmas Present

Grateful mom just wants mystery woman to know how much kindness she inspired Grateful mom LaDonna Wattley wants the chance to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to the mystery woman who stepped up and helped her young son, Gabe Wattley, buy her a new winter coat for Christmas. Gabe has $20 to his name when he set out to shop for Mom at Target store in Indianapolis last month. I Love you, Mom! Throw Blanket by Discotish Find more &

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Gary Sinise Takes 1,000 Kids Of Fallen Service Members To Disney World

This is just Gary Sinise’s latest good act in conjunction with his foundation Actor Gary Sinise has made his career and life about so much more than just performing. Through his Gary Sinise Foundation he has done so much to support military families, veterans and first responders. The latest act came this week, as his foundation sent more than 1,000 kids of fallen service members to Disney World. Sinise says he knows gestures like these can’t bring back a kid’s

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10-Year-Old Girl Sings To Shelter Animals And Helps Them Get Adopted

Nancy Tant wanted the animals at the Humane Society to be happy 10-year-old Nancy Tant loves shelter animals. She went through training to be one of those kids who reads to animals at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, but it made her sad. Her mother, Betsy, helped her figure out a better way.  How could she make this a happier experience. The answer was as close as ukulele Nancy has been learning to play. She now spends her

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NBA Star Steph Curry Answers 9-Year-Old Girl “Why Do Your Shoes Only Come In Boys Sizes?”

Curry gets great question and gives great answer NBA star Steph Curry has to defend against the best basketball players in the world. But was he ready for a hard-hitting question from a 9-year-old girl? Riley Morrison is that girl. She lives in California, plays basketball and wanted a pair of Curry’s shoes, Curry 5, for her new season. But when her dad went to the Under Armour website, he noticed the shoes come in Boys sizes, but none for

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Kind Strangers Carry Little Boy And His Wheelchair Through The Snow

Strangers spy boy’s mother struggling and step up to help A young mother trying to get her son home from school in his wheelchair was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Shannon Ranger shared on Facebook that when she set out to get her six-year-old son home from school Friday she didn’t realize just how bad the weather and snow was in her hometown of Edmonton, Canada. The snow was thicker and wetter than she was planning on. She and

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How Your Kid’s Back To School Photo Can Earn Them A College Scholarship

That back to school photo you’re posting of your adorable kid might be worth more than the many likes you’re getting from friends and family on Facebook. It just might win your kid a $2,000 college scholarship! First National Bank of Omaha and Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg today announced the launch of the NEST 529 Back-to-School Photo Drawing. It’s a new scholarship opportunity open to families across the United States. Beginning today, NEST 529 invites families to capture and submit

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